Ladder B&W

Ladder B&W, originally uploaded by boonejag75.

Ladder on the Boone Fork Trail off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

3 thoughts on “Ladder B&W

  1. oh that is so perfect in black and white; color would have taken the wonder out of where it is going and made it just a modern day ladder on a trail. my first impression was; i could be annie oakley and that is out of a mine i’ve been looking for outlaws in. made my day, thank you

  2. Dave,

    Thanks for contacting me and for looking at the photos. If this photo will help you out with a church flier, go for it. I can see by your website that you’d certainly respect the work of another photographer. great work! The photo is yours for the small fee of a trip to Anchorage. just kidding.

    good luck with your flier. I’d love to see a copy of the finished work.

    take good care,


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