Summer Construction

Hello out there!

I thought I would take some time and explore a new appearance for my blog; something to pop the images a bit more and give them some more real estate. So, I think I’ve found something I like but I’ll be playing with it for a while to see if it stays. 

I welcome any comment or input, as well as any theme recommendations.




8 thoughts on “Summer Construction

  1. The dark background does work nicely! I only have one small thing I found “unweildy”. I sometimes like to go back through your archives to some of my earliest favorites. This time I found “categories” and clicked on your “favorites”, but it only gave a list of photo names, and not the actual photos. Maybe I did something wrong? Before, it would load the actual photos in “favorites”. Not a big deal, and I really do like the new aesthetics!

    • Yes,agreed, the new “menu” is not my favorite part of the theme either. I can put it, or some of it, on the sidebar but it took quite a bit of dimension away from the photos. So, I’ll try it on the side once again and see if it helps with searching and archiving. I don’t think you did anything wrong at all. I’ll play with it some more.

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