Spring Greens


Fall Foliage 9

Frost Overcame

Frost Overcame, originally uploaded by Appalachian Encounters.

Via Flickr:
Snow, ice, frost completely covered trees and everything else on my hike up the Elk Knob Trail.

Completely Frosted

_DSC0137, originally uploaded by Appalachian Encounters.

March 2, 2013 and the entire trail was covered in snow; almost every branch in frost or ice. There was just enough snow for me to snowshoe all the way to the summit.
It was an fantastic hike. no one else out there.

Bees on Flowers 2

Bees on Flowers 2, originally uploaded by Appalachian Encounters.

Via Flickr:
I have no idea what this plant/weed is, but while hiking the Elk Knob Summit Trail (again, I love this trail) it was completely lined with them, all the way to the top. I noticed a few different varieties of bees and bugs on the plants along the way, so no exclusivity here. They have an awesome bloom and new ones come from what looks like a pink and green cocoon (bottom left of this shot).

Summer Construction

Hello out there!

I thought I would take some time and explore a new appearance for my blog; something to pop the images a bit more and give them some more real estate. So, I think I’ve found something I like but I’ll be playing with it for a while to see if it stays. 

I welcome any comment or input, as well as any theme recommendations.




Color in the Hedges

Untitled, originally uploaded by Appalachian Encounters.

I’ve tried lately to find subjects a bit out of the ordinary and away from the landscapes I prefer to look for, and to just get back into taking photographs! So here’s a very unlikely bush/plant growing in the middle of the bushes near my deck. I had never noticed it before, but suddenly, there it was; red and purple amongst the green.

Over Big Hump

We’d just come over Big Hump and were heading back down and this is one of the first scenes; rolling green grass and the trail cutting right through it.  I really didn’t expect the vastness of this scenery or the rich lushness of it. One of the best sections of the AT around.
DSC01250, originally uploaded by Appalachian Encounters.

Great Fog Over the Humps

DSC01209, originally uploaded by Appalachian Encounters.

I went on a fantastic overnight on the AT in May. Started at Carver’s Gap and hiked north to 19E. We had a great first day and the 2nd day was quite rich with weather to say the least. Coming towards this landscape was driving sideways rain and high wind. BUT! we were were rewarded with a break in our upward approach to Little Hump & Big Hump…this beautiful scene.

Cliff View

Three Top

Cliff Views 3, originally uploaded by Appalachian Encounters.

An awesome day hike this past fall led us to Three Top Mtn out the outskirts of Boone and this incredible landscape. Views from all sides, with this one NE toward Va.

Sunrise on Granite

Via Flickr:
From atop Beacon Heights along the Blue Ridge Parkway, sunrise hits the massive granite face. Snow filled most of the cracks and scars, and wind above 40mph shook the trees and froze my fingers. It was amazingly clear and not long after the sun rose, a little farther to the southeast, the Charlotte skyline could be seen, 90 miles away.

Early Leaves Red and Green

A great early fall hike revealed more color than I thought we would encounter.

Jane Bald

Jane Bald, originally uploaded by Appalachian Encounters.

Via Flickr:
Looking across Round Bald to Jane’s Bald and beyond on a fantastic “cloud” day! The clouds just kept coming in all shapes, really bringing out what this landscape has to offer.

June Landscape

Laying down

Laying down, originally uploaded by Appalachian Encounters.

Via Flickr:
I have no idea what plant or grass this is, but there was about a 100ft x 100ft area up near Grassy where these lifeless rigid “sticks” stood rigid, but all leaning over. Sort of looked like a graveyard!

Trout Lily

Trout Lily, originally uploaded by Appalachian Encounters.

Via Flickr:
One of the first wildflowers to be seen in spring, closes up each night to protect itself from cold night air. What’s really intriguing about this flower is that they form a colony from one seed, or corm. One seed can produce up to 10 plants. That keeps these flowers never with out a whole bunch of neighbors. Some colonies have been found to be over a hundred years old! Call me a nerd, but that is fascinating! You can also call it Fawn Lily, Dogtooth Violet, and Adder’s tongue. These were covering areas of the AT heading north towards Grassy Bald.

A Look Back at Roan

Via Flickr:
Max, and the rest of us, looking south on the AT to Roan Mountain, TN over this great striated slab. (Ok Max is not looking south…)

AT Day Trip

AT Day Trip, originally uploaded by Appalachian Encounters.

We actually had a break in the weather to get out a couple weekends ago. We headed up to Carver’s Gap, TN for a day trip on the AT to Grassy Bald. What a beautiful day it was.

Golden Fields

Golden Fields, originally uploaded by Appalachian Encounters.

On a long road trip north, I had the great fortune of coming upon this beautiful field in southeastern Ohio, of all places. I was traveling through the rural areas off highway 33, just over the Ohio/W.VA border and the Ohio River. I don’t normally stop for extracurricular anything during this long trip, but this field was so stunning on this sunny day, I couldn’t help myself.

Red Forest

BRP_Flora_Red, originally uploaded by Appalachian Encounters.

Via Flickr:
A tiny red forest grows up from moss ground cover along a trail on the Blue Ridge Parkway.