Little Signs of Spring

Everyday there’s more to see…just keep looking down.


Full Moon at ThunderHill Overlook

While the big moon rise was heavily blocked by clouds, the wind finally blew enough of them away to at least give some dramatic light. From Thunderhill Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway, city lights in the distance, and cars traveling on the Parkway made for a complete scene. It was really a beautiful night.

Full Moon from the Blue Ridge Parkway

Clouds finally start to break on this Saturday’s big Full Moon rise here in Boone, seen from Thunderhill Overlook on the BRP.

This Amazing Place

This Amazing Place, originally uploaded by Appalachian Encounters.

Another view whilst on the Mountains to Sea Trail between Table Rock mtn and Shortoff mtn. The stacked rocks and vegetation make this a dramatic place to visit, let alone the amazing views.

LInville Gorge North


LInville Gorge North, originally uploaded by Appalachian Encounters.

While hiking on the Mountain to Sea Trail, here’s a view north, looking up Linville Gorge; Roan mtn in the distance.

Moses Cone with Friends

We’ve had a few beautiful Sundays in a row around Boone, which is giving everyone Spring fever and getting us all out. We hiked two Sundays ago on the Moses Cone trails up and back to the fire tower.

Looking Over Boone

Looking Over Boone, originally uploaded by Appalachian Encounters.

Looking Over Boone from the fire tower at Moses Cone.

Grandfather in the Face of Winter

A beautiful falling sun lays warm light on Grandfather Mountain. I knew it would be great tonight…had to leave work early to get ahead of it!

Bowl of Shadows

Bowl of Shadows, originally uploaded by Appalachian Encounters.

On a little know hike in Boone, I noticed this stand of trees in what looks like a small bowl, casting perfect shadows from an afternoon sun.

2010 in review

Hello everyone! I want to thank all of you for spending time with me in 2010 (and before). It’s been really fun having this blog place to contribute and look forward to. I really have enjoyed and appreciate you sharing your thoughts and comments.  I look forward to an eventful and busy 2011 out looking through the lens!


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Chestnuts Over an Open Fire

While in visiting Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village over Christmas, I was able to attend the village holiday celebration, walking the village to witness period holiday traditions and cheer. This was the first time I’d ever had chestnuts, that had been roasted…over an open fire.  Very good!

Not so Grassy Bald

Not so Grassy Bald, originally uploaded by Appalachian Encounters.

Grassy Bald was covered in snow, snow drifts, ice, and scalded by the wind when we arrived early in the sunrise hours. We sat hunkered down out of the wind escaping the worst of the wind. This boulder, blasted by weather, was something out of Superman’s home with lengthy frost and ice covering it.

AT Through Jane Bald


RoanMtn (2), originally uploaded by Appalachian Encounters.

The AT was barely visible in the am, full of snow drifts, hidden obstacles. We made first tracks heading north from Carver’s Gap. This was the first light scene at Jane Bald.

First Big Snow!

First Big Snow!, originally uploaded by Appalachian Encounters.

The first snow hit this weekend here in the high country and, as usual, the NC/TN got the best of the event. Roan mountain and it’s friends Carver’s Gap, Jane Bald, and Grassy Bald were covered in thick frost, snow, ice and blown over by the wind. It was a great Saturday morning!

Sunset Silhouette

BRP (13), originally uploaded by Appalachian Encounters.

This perfectly cooperative horse stood still posing for me during a 30 minute sunset along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Linville_Gorge From Wiseman’s View

Linville gorge is one of the most rugged wilderness area’s in the southeast and it’s right here in our backyard. The Linville river has cut an amazing gorge leaving behind world class climbing, hiking trails, and backpacking opportunities. From this vantage point, Table Rock is profound as you look south down the gorge.

Yin & Yang


Yin & Yang, originally uploaded by Appalachian Encounters.

These two trees along the BRP have become quite popular due to their proximity to one another and the fact that the tree on the left seems to lose it’s leaves almost completely before it’s partner.

The Valley Below

The Valley Below, originally uploaded by Appalachian Encounters.

From the Blue Ridge Parkway looking through the remaining vibrant colors you can see the valley below is still alive with change.

Shiprock Full Of Color

The Blue Ridge Parkway was on fire last week during it’s peak in the High Country and the colors surrounding Shiprock were no exception.

Fields of Fall

Fields of Fall, originally uploaded by Appalachian Encounters.

Looking north from a field in North Cove NC up to the tip top of Haw’s Bill mountain in Linville Gorge. It was a beautiful fall morning south of the high country headed to Waynesville and these hay rolls just beckoned to me to stop and photograph.