Fall Escapes

Fall Escapes, originally uploaded by boonejag75.

This small creek meanders along the BRP north headed toward Deep Gap and West Jefferson. There’s quite a few pull-off’s where you can check it out. I was hoping for some fallen leaves still in color, but it was still a beautiful spot on a cloudy morning

2 thoughts on “Fall Escapes

  1. this is so breathtaking i would love to have it for my screen saver. what kind of camera was you using? i took several pictures of a rose and morning glory yesterday right before day, plenty of light; in each setting on the cameras and the background came out black. weird;on is a
    nikon coolpix p90 the other is an olympus fe-46 [12 megapixel]. the pictures are really pretty, but i wanted them natural. can’t figure out what caused it. i look forward to your email pictures so much, thank you

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